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What We Do!

In addition to our many events are the following capital improvements and long-term ongoing projects. 

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The Peter Pan Garden
Peter Pan
In the 1970s...
The 1980s...
...and today! This Garden has been maintained by CSPC Peter Pan volunteers since 2004.
Along with our efforts to maintain and improve the Park, we also deal with the impact of catastrophic storms.
One of the badly deteriorated fences in Carl Schurz Park.
The same section of fence completely replaced as part of the Polly Gordon restoration project.
Pillar Entrance Signs
Pillar Signs
By 2013, the original pillar signs at the entrances to Carl Schurz Park were in desperate need of replacement.
With your donations, historically accurate hand-carved stone entrance signs were installed at all five entrances.
Big Belly Solar-powered Compactors
A solution was needed to deal with overflowing garbage cans in Carl Schurz Park.
As of 2016, four Big Belly solar-powered, rodent proof trash compactors have been installed.
South Woodland Garden
South Woodland Garden
The South Woodland Garden just getting started in 2004.
The South Woodland Garden today.
Esplanade Gardens
Esplanade Gardens
One of the twin 86th Street Esplanade Gardens prior to restoration. 
Originally designed by Dianne Schaub, curator of Central Park's famed Conservatory Garden, the beds are now maintained by Banford Weissmann, our CSPC Seasonal Gardener.
Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Maintenance
Thanks to your donations, Carl Schurz Park Conservancy coordinates and funds the bi-monthly cutting of Park lawns.
With over 700 trees, frequent pruning is critical for the health and wellbeing of the tree canopy. While the cost is significant, the benefits to the Park are substantial. 
Tree Planting & Pruning
Tree Pruning
We buy and plant dozens of trees to restore and invigorate our Parks tree population.
Handcrafted by Brooklyn artistans, two weathervanes were installed on the peaks of the playground pergola.
Rodent infestations can cause considerable damage. Rodents are also known carriers of many diseases and prove a health hazard.  Year-round rodent abatement services are coordinated and funded by Carl Schurz Park Conservancy.
Rodent Abatement
We were able to complete the restoration of the entire Park perimeter stone wall along East End Avenue, including all pillars and entry signs. Our ability to accomplish this important project, which began in 2013, was the direct result of our donors’ generosity. 
Of course, with your continued commitment, our goal is to systematically restore all the stone walls and iron fencing throughout the Park.
Each and every fall, thousands of bulbs are planted to provide a spectacular spring display.
Hoop Garden and Plantings
Hoop Garden
Dog Run Maintenance
Dog Run Maintenance
We provide the funding for professional sanitization services throughout the year. 
Each Spring and Fall our 
volunteers gather to participate in the Dog Run Clean-up Day. Projects include fence repair, sign replacement, and substrate regrading.
In 2006 and 2007, Central Park Conservancy was hired to do a major restoration of our two, passive use lawns.
Lawn Restoration
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