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the park

Carl Schurz Park is located in the borough of Manhattan, on East End Avenue between East 84th and East 90th Streets.

Entrances are located at East 84th, East 86th, East 87th and East 89th Streets.

Wheelchair access is available at the East 84th and East 87th Street entrances and along the John Finley Walk.


our office

523 East 85th Street

Ground Floor

New York, NY 10028


our mailing address

1483 York Avenue, #20523

New York, NY 10075


Contact Us:
our mailing address

1483 York Avenue, P.O. Box #20523

New York, NY 10075

office address

523 East 85th Street

New York, NY 10028

our phone number 

212 459 4455


Executive Director, Patrick K. McCluskey:


Operations Associate, Jessica Goetz:


Staff Horticulturist, Breeana George: