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Trees of Carl Schurz Park

Click the PDF button below to download the full size version of the panel above.

Additional Resources

Videos & Films


The Heartbeat of Trees: A Virtual Afternoon with Dr. Jane Goodall & Peter Wohlleben

Organizations & Websites


National Wildlife Federation. How Trees Make a Difference.


Trees New York.  Evergreening Our City.


Teaching Resources


New York City Street Tree Map


Street Tree Activity Book.  TreesNewYork


TreeTime. New York City Department of Parks and Recreation


The Multiplier Effect: Plant a Tree.  American Museum of Natural History.



Coming Soon!  Links to historical Park Notes articles.



Finding The Mother Tree by Suzanne Simard

Meetings with Remarkable Trees by Thomas Penkenham

The Nature of Oaks: The Rich Ecology of our Most Essential Native Trees by Douglas W. Tallamy

The Overstory by Richard Power






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