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Pollinators of Carl Schurz Park

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Additional Resources

Videos & Films


‘Live from Carl Schurz Park:  Native Bees’ with Banford Weissmann.  

Carl Schurz Park Conservancy. 3/30/21. 3:49. 


‘The Little Things that Run the World – How to create a pollinator backyard’ with Douglas W. Tallamy

City of Guelph and Pollination Guelph. 2022. 55:31


‘What are Pollinators?’

Purdue Extension. 2021? 2:23


Organizations & Websites


The Bee Conservancy


Pollinator Partnership


Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation


Educational Resources


Adding Biodiversity to Your Garden. 

Missouri Botanical Garden


Empire State Native Pollinator Survey, completed 2022

Includes project report

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation; New York Natural Heritage Program


How to Help Biodiversity? 

American Museum of Natural History


Pollinator Garden Handbook.  For grades K – 5.

Colleen Andrews

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Oregon State University.  2021 Garden Handbook Final Draft.pdf


Pollinators in New York City Parks: Bees, Butterflies and Beyond.

City of New York Parks & Recreation


10 Ways to Save the Bees.

The Bee Conservancy.


Why Is Pollination Important?

U.S. Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture




Evans, Arthur V.  National Geographic Pocket Guide to Insects of North America

National Geographic. 2016


Holm, Heather.  Bees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide.

Pollination Press LLC. 2017


Holm, Heather.  Pollinators of Native Plants.

Pollination Press LLC. 2014.


McGavin, George. The Hidden World: How Insects Sustain Life on Earth Today and Will Shape Our Lives Tomorrow

Welbeck Publishing. 2023.


Tallamy, Douglas W.  Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants 

Timber Press, Inc.  2009, updated and expanded 2020.


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