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Peregine Falcon by Brad Balliett

Check out latest edition of whats in Flight, Fall 2023! It was a busy migration season here in Carl Schurz Park.

Read all about it                         

Summer Peter Pan_edited.jpg

The support of friends and neighbors has enabled Carl Schurz Park Conservancy to do so much!  From our earliest days almost 50 years (we are the oldest park Conservancy in NYC) ago we have taken our stewardship role and partnership with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation very seriously.  With great care, and mindful of the urban legacy we work to sustain, we continue our restoration and beautification work.

The mission of Carl Schurz Park Conservancy is to restore and beautify Carl Schurz Park, complementing the efforts of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Our goal is to enhance the public’s enjoyment and involvement in the Park. The Conservancy organizes volunteers to execute its projects and sponsors community events that are open to all.

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