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Fungi & Lichens

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Additional Resources

Videos & Films


Live from Carl Schurz Park.  Susan Hewitt Tour.  Fungi and Lichen.  2020


Science Fridays.  Lichens: Tour of a Cranberry Bog with James Lendemer of New York Botanical Garden.

The Kingdom:  How Fungi Made Our World.  Part of Nature of Things Series. CBC.


Fantastic Fungi.  Documentary Film.  Film by Fantastic Fungi and Netflix.

Organizations & Websites


How Fungi Can help fight Climate Change


Likin’ the Lichens.  New York State Parks Department  Blog.  May 2017.


New York Mycological Society 


There’s Fungus Among Us.  NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation Blog

Teaching Resources


Fungi of NYC, NY. iNaturalist.


Lichens of New York.  iNaturalist.


Learn About Lichens.  U.S. Forest Service.



Yong, Ed. How Lichens Explain and Re-Explain the World .  The Atlantic.  January, 2019.

Coming Soon!  Links to historical Park Notes articles.


Coming Soon!





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