The Park's future is in our hands.

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Dear Friend,


Carl Schurz Park has been a destination for Upper East Siders for over a century.  In these extraordinary times, the Park’s abundant open space, spectacular views, and natural beauty offer comfort and relaxation.


As you might imagine, at no time has our Park been as heavily used or its open space so cherished.  


The following recent testimonials say it all:


“I have lived across from the park for 17 years, but until now I haven’t had the time to come here 

regularly or really explore. It is amazing. I now walk in the park every day and could not get along without it.”


“We are doing our best and loving Carl Schurz in all its splendor. It has been our safe place. Our sanctuary.”


“Carl Schurz Park gives me hope.” 


It is no accident that the Park nurtures so many. Its natural beauty and resilience are a tribute to you, our supporters. 


Even after Hurricane Isaias tore through the Park in August, leaving more extreme tree damage than we have ever encountered, people immediately returned to play, read, exercise and enjoy river vistas.


Looking forward to 2021, we expect that demands on the Park will increase and maintenance will be even more of a challenge. Renewed public awareness, new buildings, a reconstructed North Lawn, and a renovated playground will bring more people to our green space.


Our mission—to maintain and improve Carl Schurz Park—is more critical than ever. We look to you, our closest friends and supporters, for your continued partnership.


If ever there were a time that Carl Schurz Park Conservancy needed your help, it is now.


Only together will we be able to preserve Carl Schurz Park as we know it today, while ensuring that it evolves to meet increasing demands. Our deepest thanks to you, as always, for making this special place possible.


Thank you,

Judy Howard, 

Board Chair